Peaceful living
in the city

Praha 6

Privacy of a house,
comfort of an apartment

Praha 6

for living

Praha 6


The Origami apartments and non-residential units (studios, offices) take up two or three floors. Each apartment or non-residential unit has a terrace and a garden, so it looks like a house and provides optimum privacy.


Close to
the countryside

The neighbourhood with green gardens brings tranquillity as well as opportunities for trips – by foot to Hvězda, by bicycle to Šárka or in-line skating in Ladronka.

Getting easily
into the centre

Your work, shopping or fun in the centre of Prague or other parts of the city can easily be reached by car or public transport.

Getting easily to your work or to the other end of the world

The Origami project is located in Jiviny, an established and peaceful villa neighbourhood south of Ruzyně in the Municipal district of Prague 6, which provides for your basic needs such as shopping or children’s education.

Great public transport connections will get you the city centre or other parts of Prague in no time. The motorway and the Václav Havel Airport are also easily accessible, helping you to get to the other end of the country, Europe or the world.